Star Trek: Discovery Magee-Class Digital 3D Model

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My fanmade 3D model of the Magee-Class starship seen in Star Trek: Discovery Season 1.

One of the smaller starships of the era, the Magee-Class was a science vessel in service to the Federation Starfleet in the early to mid 23rd century. With a compact design and nimble spaceframe, this class of ship was also used as an escort vessel during the Klingon War. It had one of the most unique designs of the time, with large and thick warp nacelles that were integrated into the saucer section, and like most other contemporary ships, it had no traditional secondary hull. It was designed by John Eaves for the eponymous battle in Star Trek: Discovery's opening episodes, "The Vulcan Hello" and "Battle at the Binary Stars".

Learn more about it on Memory Alpha:

Comes as a packed Blender file with 4096 PBR textures. An FBX export is included. Textures are also included, including registries for the canonical USS Shran NCC-1413, USS Magee NCC-1411 and USS Cabot NCC-1427. The packed Blender files has the materials set up for rendering in Eevee.

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A digital file of my Magee-Class starship 3D model.

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Star Trek: Discovery Magee-Class Digital 3D Model

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